Sometimes people get mixed up on the terms of "Four-Wheel-Drive" and "All-Wheel-Drive”. While both terms have similar meanings, there is one actual similarity, and that is the enabling of all four wheels of a vehicle to be powered and to provide additional traction on a driving surface.

Most people are familiar with four-wheel-drive concepts simply because it has been around for a long time. It uses split differential technology along with a low gear ratio to achieve its objectives. Pickup trucks and bigger off-road SUVs are the partakers of such technology. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are used for off-road and difficult terrain adventures.

The all-wheel-drive counterpart has been designed for paved road driving as it uses an even power distribution to each wheel for that purpose. There are variances depending on the road conditions at each wheel site. All-wheel-drive is perfect for driving in adverse conditions such as driving rain, snow, and ice.

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