Schedule a summer service appointment for your car today

We tend to hit the road more often during the warm, sunny summer months, and for this reason, bringing your vehicle in for some routine service and maintenance isn't a terrible idea.


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Keeping up with routine maintenance and service not only helps keep your car in great shape, it also lets our technicians here at Tom Holzer Ford discover any potentially damaging situations that you may be unware of. Our team of experts will gladly take on any and all general maintenance work including tire rotations, oil changes and more as well as more pressing matters like repairing or replacing an essential part of your vehicle. You're in the best hands in the area when you bring your vehicle in for an appointment with us, so you can sleep easy knowing we've got your back.

Have the most stress-free summer to date by scheduling an appointment for your vehicle right away. Call our service center or schedule conveniently on our website whenever you have some free time.

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