Consider the Cars: Be Conscientious When Trick-or-Treating

Children can get so excited about candy and costumes on Halloween that they might forget things like safety. They aren't thinking about their safety while trick-or-treating. If you follow these simple tips, you can help keep your kids stay safe and make it easier for drivers to see them on the road.

Teach your kids to walk safely on Halloween. They should stay in groups and walk on well-maintained sidewalks. When crossing the street, they need to look both ways, and cross only at marked crosswalks. You can also help your child be more visible to passing motorists. Enhance their costume with lighted features such as battery powered lighting or glow tape.

If you're driving, meanwhile, avoid distractions (like cellphones) and drive five MPH under the speed limit. The slower speed will help you respond to unexpected road emergencies.

Tom Holzer Ford knows that you want a fun and safe Halloween. Follow our advice, and we're sure that's what you'll get.

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