Keeping Your Ford Vehicle Maintained

If you own a Ford, then you need to schedule the proper maintenance throughout the year to ensure that it will last for months or even years to come before you decide to sell it or trade it for another vehicle. Technicians at Tom Holzer Ford can provide the service that your vehicle needs whether it's an Escape, a Mustang, or another of the vehicles in the Ford family.

Your brakes are an important component of your Ford truck. If you notice any odd noises including squealing when you depress the brake pedal or grinding, then you want to have your brakes checked by a technician at the dealership in Farmington Hills, MI. If there is an issue, the pads can usually be replaced along with the rotors being turned in order to maintain your brake system.

An oil change at regular intervals is another important part of servicing your Ford. Your oil helps to keep your engine clean, and if it's not changed after at least 3,000 miles of driving between changes, then sludge can begin to build up and impact the proper operation of your vehicle. While you're in Farmington Hills or Commerce Township, someone at the dealership can change your oil and filter and examine the other fluids in your car including the transmission fluid and coolant. Sometimes, you can wait as long as 7,500 miles between oil changes depending on the type of oil that is used and your driving habits.

Your tires should be serviced as well if you want to properly maintain your Ford vehicle. Most of the time, this is done when your oil is changed as your tires can be rotated to promote even wear and tear. If you notice a tire that seems to be a bit more worn than the others, then it could be because you need an alignment.

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