Does your windshield have a chip or a crack? Rather than putting off a replacement, you can come straight to Tom Holzer Ford - located minutes from Farmington. At our state-of-the-art service facility, windshield replacement is one of the auto repairs that we perform on visiting vehicles from nearby Michigan areas like Livonia. Whether you own a Ford or another make and model, you can trust the Tom Holzer Ford service professionals to replace your damaged windshield.

Why You Should Replace the Windshield on Your Car

When your windshield sustains a chip, even a small one, that chip will not disappear on its own. It will only continue to grow until it becomes a full-on crack that impairs your visibility. Whether driving during the day or at night, you need maximum visibility to mitigate collisions. To achieve an optimal line of sight while you commute in Farmington Hills, you need to have a clear, crack-free windshield on your Ford Escape. So, if you see a crack or even a minor chip in your windshield, book a consultation at Tom Holzer Ford near Novi.

What to Expect During Your Windshield Replacement

At Tom Holzer Ford, serving West Bloomfield, we have an experienced service team that knows all the ins and outs of vehicle repairs. A few members of our certified Ford service department are employed as auto glass repair technicians. If the chip is small enough, we may be able to repair it. However, if the crack passes a certain size, you may need the entire windshield replaced. At Tom Holzer Ford, serving Farmington, we have over 30 years of glass installation experience. That's why so many Michigan drivers trust us with their windshield replacements.

After booking your windshield replacement online, you can expect a same-day repair when you bring your Ford Explorer to our Ford repair facility in Farmington Hills, MI. One of our auto glass repair technicians will remove your damaged windshield and replace it with a fresh one in a few hours. When you log in online to request your windshield replacement, you can let us know the details of your vehicle and what you're looking for: windshield repair vs. replacement.

Replace Your Windshield Wiper Blades During Your Visit

When was the last time that you replaced your windshield wiper blades? If you're already bringing your Ford Fusion to Tom Holzer Ford for a new windshield, you could save time by purchasing a new pair of wiper blades. If it's been more than six months since your last wiper blade replacement, you should have a factory-trained technician replace them during your next appointment in Farmington Hills, MI. Wiper blade replacement takes less than 10 minutes and is another excellent way to increase driver visibility.

We typically offer special discounts on windshield wiper blades, so don't forget to check with us before scheduling an appointment at your Farmington Hills Ford dealership.

Trust the Auto Glass Repair Technicians at Tom Holzer Ford

Over three decades. That's how long we've been strengthening our skills in auto glass repair. If you noticed a new chip or crack in your Ford F-150 windshield, don't wait until it worsens. Contact the service department at Tom Holzer Ford to secure your appointment. One of our auto glass repair technicians will be able to perform a same-day replacement to put you and your Ford Edge back on Michigan roads in no time.

When it's time for a brand-new windshield, we don't want you to settle for a mediocre replacement. We want to give you the best, which is why we invite you to replace yours at Tom Holzer Ford, serving Novi, West Bloomfield, and Livonia.

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