When it comes to pickup trucks, Ford represents the first name that crosses many people's minds. We attribute this mainly to the high-performance, versatility, and durability that Ford trucks offer. If you want to buy a new truck, we advise that you know first the different types of Ford trucks and what they offer.

At Tom Holzer Ford, we provide our clients with a vast lineup of new Ford trucks for sale. When it comes to Ford trucks, we offer them in two categories; you can choose a Super Duty truck or a personal-use truck, like the Ranger or F-150. Whether you want a truck for commuting, sport, leisure, or work in West Michigan, we remain confident that you will find a truck that suits your needs when you visit our showroom.

Powerful and Effective Hauling Trucks

If you love towing and hauling while navigating through the highways outside of Farmington Hills, our Ford lineup will not disappoint you. All Ford truck models feature different off-road features, functionalities, and powertrain options to meet your needs and preferences.

For instance, when you opt to purchase a 2021 Ford F-150, you will have six powertrain options to consider. These options include three different EcoBoost models, a turbo boost diesel model, and TI-VCT or V6 engines. However, although this truck remains well-known for personal use, it comes with an unrivaled payload and towing capacity of 5,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. If you want a work truck that can tow heavy machinery, you can opt for the Super Duty trucks that can haul anything between 16,000 pounds and 21,000 pounds, depending on the model.


With an SUV or sedan, you tend to choose between package add-ons and trim levels only. Nevertheless, when shopping for a pickup truck in Farmington, you tend to have many options at your fingertips, and these options enable you to come up with a truck that suits your needs. Besides different package add-ons, trucks also come with varying powertrain options, bed lengths, designs, and much more. The versatility makes Ford trucks, such as the F-150 and F-250, so versatile. Ford truck models can come with six powertrain options, making it easy for Bloomfield drivers to pick the truck that suits them best.

Advanced Comfort

If you have not driven a new Ford truck for the past few years, you will probably think that trucks serve as rugged machines meant for work only. Thanks to innovation, all this has changed since all Ford trucks arrive spacious, comfortable, and offer luxurious amenities. Furthermore, if you purchase a higher trim level, you will enjoy luxurious amenities such as top-notch technology, wood and chrome accents, and premium leather seats for your Livonia and Novi commutes.

Enhanced Safety

Ford prioritizes enhancing the occupants' safety since this remains an important spec to enhance your confidence on the Commerce Township roads. All Ford trucks come with safety features such as adaptive cruise control that enables the driver to relax and cruise conveniently while driving. Other safety features available in Ford trucks include an automatic braking system, pre-collision assist, and traffic alert system.

If you want to purchase a new, used, or certified Ford truck, Tom Holzer Ford has you covered. You can buy online to save time at the dealership. Our vast lineup of new and used Ford trucks entails various top-notch models such as the Ford F-150, Ford F-250, Ford F-350, and Ford F-450. Visit our dealership today to take a test drive and get to enjoy the numerous benefits of owning a Ford truck.

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