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The Ford Escape helps you navigate life more easily

Life is handful as it is sometimes, which is why we here at Tom Holzer Ford find solace in the reliability of the 2017 Ford Escape. The Ford Escape accommodates to all your needs on the road while delivering a smooth, reliable drive you'll always look forward to.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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The Ford Escape's many features make it ideal for either a family or a solo traveler…

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The Ford Explorer is unstoppable, just like you

Some days, no matter the circumstances, you simply can't stop. That's when driving the 2017 Ford Explorer really comes in handy. This versatile, capable SUV always helps you power through a busy, hectic day and tackles tough terrain like no other model in its class.


You don’t stop, so we don’t stop. No matter what time it is. Always Unstoppable. #FordExplorer

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Tom Holzer Ford is happy to offer drivers in the Farmington Hills area the exciting chance to drive the…

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The Ford 911 Assist

Despite the everyday normality of operating a motor vehicle, a life on the move can come with a lot of risk. So when the worst happens, being able to know you’re in good hands is very important.

Ford has worked hard to be able to ensure your peace of mind. With Sync 911 Assist, emergency situations can be responded to quickly under a variety of circumstances.

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