1. What should I know if I get into an accident?

At the accident scene, should your vehicle not be safe to drive, call a tow company to assists you with moving the vehicle. If the Police are at the scene, inform them that you would like your vehicle to be repaired at Holzer's Collision Center; this will be a savings to your insurance company only having to tow your vehicle to our facility rather than to a storage yard first. This is based on Police discretion of the accident.

If your vehicle is safe to drive, contact Holzer's Collision Center @ 248-474-1506.

You should then contact your insurance company and advise them of the damage and the shop you've selected for repairs.

Some insurance companies have what is called "drive-in claims service"; it is not mandatory you use the service. Just inform your insurance company where their claims person can see your vehicle.

If the accident is not your fault, your insurance company will cover your damages. Then they will try to collect from the other insurance company hopefully resulting in them paying for your deductible.


  1. What are OEM parts?

OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". These are new parts made by the same Manufacturer who made your vehicle.

  1. What are Aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket (A/M) is used to describe parts that are made by a manufacturer other than the one who originally made your car. Some aftermarket parts carry certification that helps ensure the basic quality of the part. Aftermarket parts are usually less expensive than new OEM, and for some applications may be a better choice than used OEM parts. Some repairers and insurers list these parts as "Quality Replacement Parts."

  1. What are LKQ parts?

LKQ stands for "like, kind and quality." Most of us are more familiar with the other term for this category which is "Used Parts". The term LKQ should more precisely define a sub-category of used parts that are just like the ones on your vehicle before the loss.

  1. Do I have to accept used parts?

Yes/No. Most customer oriented insurance companies will only suggest used parts (LKQ) when there needs to be a savings to justify the repairs. The insurance company's obligation is to restore your vehicle to pre-loss" condition- no better than it was and no worse. Basically, yes you must except used parts if you would like no out of pocket expense. No, you do not have to agree to used parts if you would like to pay the difference from the used to OEM parts.

  1. Do I have to use the shop my insurance company recommends, or can I take my vehicle to Holzer's Collision Center?

You can always take it to Holzer's Collision Center. The Insurance company cannot tell you where to repair your vehicle. Some insurance people will attempt to convince or STEER you to fix your vehicle at their PREFERRED SHOP; a shop that gives the insurance company special deals. These deals will often come at the vehicle owner's expense which could compromise safety and the quality of repairs.

Should this happen please contact Holzer's Collision Center; our professional claims handlers can guide you through this unfortunate practice.

  1. Do I have to get multiple estimates?

No, you do not need to get multiple estimates; you only need to notify your insurance representatives as to where you will be having your repairs done. Your insurance company will work hand in hand with your choice of shop.

What happens if the insurance company's estimate is lower than the one I get from        Holzer's Collision Center?

Insurance companies are generally willing to pay for a proper repair. The insurance company appraiser may include only the most obvious damage in their estimate. At Holzer's Collision Center, we try to write as thorough an estimate as possible.

Just bring the insurance estimate in with you and we will go over the differences. If necessary, we'll notify the insurance company of the the changes we need to make. Generally this just takes a phone call and we will bill your insurance company for the supplement at the completion of the repair.

  1. What happens if more damage is found than originally expected?

It can be difficult to see all the damage during the initial inspection finding additional damage is very common. Estimates written without a thorough disassembly of the vehicle often have over looked or "hidden" damages.

If additional damage is found, it is documented and discussed wit you and the insurance company. The insurance company may, or may not, want to some see the damage. These supplemental charges are itemized, authorized and billed along with the rest of the repairs.

If the insurance representative wants to come see the additional damage, the repair process could be delayed from 2-5 business days. Be mindful that any additional parts found to be damaged will have to be ordered and that can lead to more delays.

  1. What is a deductible?

A deductible is a portion of the repair bill that is not covered by your insurance policy. The amount is determined by your insurance policy and is first set when you purchased your insurance.

  1. When and where do I pay my deductible?

Your deductible is paid directly to Holzer's Collision Center when your repairs are complete. The insurance company pays us for the work performed minus your deductible.

  1. Can you save me my deductible?

No. It is illegal for collision shops to reduce a deductible. It usually results in repair shops cutting corners.

  1. Is it hard to match the color of my paint?

No, all colors can be matched evenly to those that are faded. We employ high skilled paint professionals who are factory trained using state of the art equipment to assure colors are matched to manufacturer's standards.

  1. What about my personal belongings?

Before dropping off your vehicle, we recommend that you remove your personal belongings or anything of value. Our insurance covers damage to your vehicle as a result of fire, theft, or even employee error, but it only covers the vehicle and its factory installed parts. We do not assume liability for other items that you choose to leave in your vehicle. Our team often removes interior parts to gain access to the damaged area or to protect the interior from damage and need access to these areas.

  1. Does Tom Holzer Collision Center fix my model of car?

Our skilled technicians are trained to repair all makes and models of vehicles, foreign and domestic.

  1. Does Holzer's Collision Center guarantee their work?

We guarantee the paint for the life that you own the vehicle through PPG paint. Other additional coverages are also available based on certain parts and insurance companies.

  1. What makes the Holzer's Collision Center different than other body shops?

We specialize in Insurance Claims Handling and we work with your insurance company so your claim is handled in the most efficient manner possible. Holzer's Collision Center warranties every repair we do. We offer fast friendly quality repairs that are guaranteed!

  1. Will Holzer's Collision Center coordinate a rental car for me?

Yes. We can coordinate with any rental agency you wish, and we work directly with  Enterprise Rent-A-Car located on Halstead Road. You can call them directly at 248-471-6605.