Tom Holzer Credit Rescue

Great Rates
We work with many credit unions, finance companies, and banks to help get you the best loan you deserve. We often have rates as low as 0%. That is on approval of credit, of course, but we can often get people lower rates than they get approved for elsewhere.

Affordable Down Payment
Everyone knows that having a large down payment is a way to get a lower payment and/or interest rate, but not everyone has 20-30% down. We can often help with as little as $0 down.
The Simple Truth: We can help you buy a car when other can't.

Easy Credit Approval
We can get anyone with $800/month provable income approved for an auto loan.
No fine print necessary. If you want it, we will even print your approval for you.

Open Bankruptcies
We can help most people the file bankruptcy the SAME DAY they file. 
Our bankruptcy auto loan programs are second to none.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Whether you just filed, had your 341 meeting, or discharged: We can help!
We specialize in helping people with recent Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
We know how to help you get a loan while in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
We can help you get the trustee's approval to obtain an auto loan.
We know the guidelines that the trustee preferrs to see on your loan.
We can even answer any questions your attorney might have about the process!

Recent Repossession
Our Credit Acceptance program allows us the opportunity to help people with a recent vehicle repossession buy a vehicle. Most lenders require one or two years after a repossession in order to be considered for an auto loan.
If you need a car because your last one got repossessed, give us a chance to help!

Improve Your Credit with an Auto Loan
The best way to improve bad credit is to make payments on time with a major installment loan, such as an auto loan. This helps you to build a good credit history on a new account. There are no short cuts when it comes to your credit. Get a loan, make your payments on time, and if you do not have any new negative items on your credit, your credit will improve. You can do it, and Tom Holzer Ford can help you!
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