Windshield and Glass Repair Available at Tom Holzer Ford in Farmington

When your windshield gets a crack, it might seem like a minor issue, but this far from the case.

As soon as you hit a pothole or another crack occurs, many different issues can arise from spidering to a lack of visibility. You need your windshield to be completely secure so that you can see the roads ahead clearly and safely.

Here at Tom Holzer Ford, our state-of-the-art service center and certified-trained technicians have the tools to get your vehicle's windshield and glass repaired quickly and efficiently. We work around your schedule, so you don't have to stress about finding the right time.

We will also be in close contact with your insurance company to ensure you don't overpay for service and repairs.

Benefits of Working with Us

We always recommend having your vehicle serviced at a certified auto center, such as the one here at Tom Holzer Ford, just a quick drive from Farmington Hills. There are ample benefits you'll receive such as 30 years of glass installation experience, lifetime quality, stone chip repairs, and same-day windshield replacements with an appointment!

When you go through a third party dealership, you risk the repair being done with lack of proper tools, poor craftsmanship, and overpriced service. We guarantee high-quality work that lasts for the long run so that you can drive safer for longer. Our technicians not only have extensive knowledge on what your model needs but the experience to know if further maintenance needs to be performed.

No matter if you need an entirely new windshield or a simple filling, we have the OEM materials to get it done at a price you can get behind.

Ford Windshield Replacement Costs and Estimates

Here at Tom Holzer Ford, we care about our Livonia customers, which is why we are always upfront and honest about the price of repairs. When you bring in your vehicle for damage repairs, we consider the size of the crack, as well as other features, to see if you need a full replacement or not. We don't want you overpaying if the damage is minor.

You can get a quote by contacting us, as well as scheduling an appointment online.

For even more clarity, you can send us the VIN of your vehicle, and we will view our glass inventory to see what we have in stock to give you an exact amount. This can be done over the phone or through email.

Glass Replacement

We also carry a full inventory of window glass. From rear windows to quarter window glass, we have what your Ford model needs. You can browse our glass options on our online parts center, and if you are unsure of the type of class you need you can contact us, check the vehicles manual or drive up to our service doors!

Getting your glass replaced is quick and easy! You won't have to wait for hours. We know that our Novi customers live busy lifestyles so we make sure to accommodate you the best we can.

When to Get a Repair

Many people ask, do I actually need a repair? And our answer is yes! The two layers of glass that allow you to see ahead are vital. When a crack occurs, check where it is located as edge cracks tend to spread more quickly. Chips created by rocks or other debris have a tendency to spread when you hit bumps, as mentioned before. Most chips can be repaired without an entire windshield replacement but always better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, it is best to address a crack as soon as possible as dirt, moisture, and other particles can make things worse. Schedule your appointment with us today!